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06.11.2017 12:40

Hauptständer Granpasso wieder im Verkauf

Es scheint so, dass es neue Hauptständer gibt siehe Inhalt aus email:
Hello Thomas

We're setting up a group order for the central stand for our Moto Morini Granpasso 1200, we already reached minimum number (25pcs) and now We're defining last details (hardware mounting, springs).

The stand is an exact replica of the production used by Moto Morini back in 2010.

The price need to be defined precisely (we have some costs missing such as springs and fittings as reported before).
It should be from 200 to 250 . The more we are the lower the price.

If you are interested let me know and I will add you to the list.

Payments and order will be managed by the factory which will be producing it; they will ask for 30% advance (when price will be set definetely). The society is trustworthy and fully reliable.

Let me know!

Anfrage an: Luca Biagini
Best regards


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09.11.2017 03:04

Re: Hauptständer Granpasso wieder im Verkauf

Im Nachbarforum wird gerade über eine Sammelbestellung diskutiert.
Da ist die Rede von 30 Einheiten...
Keine Ahnung wieviel sich dann noch hier melden werden...

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